Energy Infrastructure and Mobility

In 2021, Ferrovial created the Energy Infrastructure and Mobility division to explore sustainable business opportunities. During its second year of operation, the business is already developing projects in Energy Infrastructure and Mobility both areas, while managing circular economy activities in the UK and services in Chile and Spain.

Energy Infrastructure: Ferrovial has one transmission line already operational in Chile, which was acquired in 2016, and another under construction, the Centella project. In Spain, Ferrovial has a 50 MWp photovoltaic plant under construction, located in Seville, as well as a portfolio of generation projects in early stages of development exceeding 2-3 GW.

Mobility: Zity is the main asset of this activity. It is an electric car sharing company, already operating in Madrid, Paris, Lyon and Milan. The fleet consists vehicles that are recharged with 100% renewable energy. Ferrovial holds a 50% stake jointly with Renault. In addition, Ferrovial owns a minority stake in Inspiration Mobility. This North American company invests in the electric vehicle sector, both in cars and associated charging infrastructures.

In addition, the division also includes the activities from that have been excluded from the Services divestment, as these were related with infrastructure activities and opportunities that provide differential value based on the company’s experience and background. These activities include the four municipal solid waste treatment centers located in UK, the activity focused on providing services to large-scale copper mining in Chile and the 24.7% stake in Serveo, a Spanish company focused on providing auxiliary services to public and private clients.

In 2022, the revenues from the Energy Infrastructure and Mobility division reached EUR296mn (EUR252mn in 2021) mainly from the activities related to the waste treatment in UK and the services activities in Chile. In 2022, EBITDA reached EUR13mn (-EUR13mn in 2021).