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For Ferrovial Airports, 2022 represents a turning point. The joint venture with the NTO (New Terminal One) consortium allows Ferrovial Airports to participate in the design, construction and operation of the new Terminal 1 at John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York. An ambitious and transformational operation that will position the company at the hub of communications in the world's capital.


8m to 23m pax



The NEW TERMINAL 1 will take over the space of the current terminals 1 and 2 and the former terminal 3.

A new and sustainable building, it will offer an enhanced experience for airlines and users. The Terminal will be built in phases, with A being delivered in 2026, B1 in 2028 and B2 in 2030.

It will have public spaces with natural lighting, restaurants, shopping, lounge areas and recreational activities.



Design and build contract. Commencement of the concession, approval of project start and commencement of construction
Relocation of Terminal 2 to NTO
Opening of phase A
Opening of phase B1
Opening of phase B2
End of concesion
Design and build contract. Entry into force of the concession, approval of project start and commencement of construction.
Relocation of Terminal 2 to NTO
Opening of phase A
Opening of phase B1
Opening of phase B2
End of concesion


A: 14 gates
B1: 5 gates
B2: 4 gates


Premium destination: main international traffic gateway for the USA
Strong demand and growth in international traffic
Increased capacity for broad-body aircraf
Market-based pricing for air fares

Designing the transportation of the future

Ferrovial Airports integrates all airport management activities and is one of the world’s leading private airport operators.

Ferrovial operates a portfolio of four airports in the United Kingdom: a 25% stake in Heathrow, Europe’s busiest hub, and 50% ownership in Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Southampton.

In 2022 Ferrovial Airports joined, with 49% stake, the partnership to design, construct and operate the New Terminal One at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport in the United States. In July 2022, Ferrovial Airports acquired a 60% stake in the company that manages the Dalaman International Airport concession in Türkiye.


Heathrow and AGS

Heathrow and AGS traffic experienced a strong recovery through the year, as the aviation sector has recovered from the impact of the pandemic and the end of all UK travel restrictions.

61.6 million passengers travelled through Heathrow in 2022 (just over 76% of 2019 levels). The increase in passenger numbers is higher than any other airport in Europe, recording the busiest summer out of any European hub airport. As a result of the ramp up plan, Heathrow had all operations open before the summer peak. The temporary departing passenger cap (100,000 departing pax/day), put in place in July to improve passenger journeys, was removed at the end of October without compromising service.

AGS has also experienced a recovery in traffic with 9.2 million passengers in the year (just over 67% of 2019 levels), thanks to the removal of travel restrictions from April onwards. Glasgow was the airport with the strongest recovery, founded on a strong leisure market.

New Terminal One (NTO) at JFK

The NTO Project will be completed in phases to match traffic demand. The initial development phase related to the initial financing (Phase A) provides replacement capacity for the existing Terminal 1, which will be demolished, and for other airlines expected to be displaced by the reconfiguration and demolition of other JFK terminals, in line with the Port Authority of New York New Jersey (“PANYNJ”) JFK master plan. Phase A construction started in June 2022 and will be extended until 2026.


The airport located on the Turkish Riviera Dalaman area, an important holiday spot for both domestic and international passengers, has been recovering traffic during 2022 as travel restrictions were lifted. 4.5 million passengers travelled through Dalaman in 2022 (just over 92% of 2019 levels). The airport has seen a decrease in Russian and Ukrainian passengers, but the impact is limited and partly offset by higher traffic from European destinations, especially the UK.


  • Gráfica de tráfico de millones de personas en Aeropuertos


Ferrovial Vertiports mission is to successfully site, develop, build, and operate a series of agnostic vertiport networks capable of accommodating various vertical take-off and landing aircraft, operators, and business models to meet market demands.

With a focus on the US and European markets, discussions with various OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer), operators, and airlines in key markets identified utilizing Urban Mobility Demand Model are advancing.

The Ferrovial Vertiports’ business ethos is grounded in five pillars:

  • Building and operating a series of agnostic vertiport networks in targeted markets that can accommodate various electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft types (eVTOLs), various operators, and various operating models in key “demand-driven” markets.
  • Partnering with eVTOLs operators and airlines in the identification, developing, leasing and operating of sites.
  • Collaborating with local, state, and federal authorities to ensure a safe operating environment and a seamless integration of the vertiports into the fabric of the communities in which they are designed to serve.
  • Enabling an efficient, innovative, safe and sustainable way of advanced air mobility that quickly and seamlessly moves people to, thru, and between cities.
  • Creating real value for shareholders, operators, partners, customers and communities.
  • Vertiports Project



Ferrovial Airports continues to maintain its commitment to sustainability matters in 2022. The decarbonization of the aviation sector continues to be a priority in sustainable growth plans, in which the use of sustainable fuels (SAF) is a critical factor.

In 2022, Heathrow has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability by updating its sustainability strategy, Heathrow 2.0. It is focused on generating a sustainable workplace and being an ally for the surrounding community. It also commits to a “net zero emissions” plan, involving its partners in the “Napkin” project, which seeks to develop hydrogen-based solutions to decarbonize future aviation.

AGS continues with its roadmap in its transition to achieve “net zero emissions” by the mid-2030s. In 2022 it signed an agreement with ZeroAvia to study hydrogen production opportunities internally, as well as to explore its use on trade routes.

Likewise, it continues to develop the plan to create the largest solar in Scotland, providing 55% of the energy to Glasgow airport. Additionally, AGS has formed a consortium to explore the joint use of wind panels and sound barriers, which could produce carbon-neutral energy from the ground and low-level wind with limited sound.


The main innovation projects developed by Ferrovial Airports in 2022 include:

  • The development of a research project together with Heathrow on sustainable propulsion modes for aviation and their implications for airport infrastructure. The use of sustainable fuels (SAF), batteries and hydrogen will bring the aviation sector to the goal of net zero emissions by 2050.
  • New functionalities for the digital channels of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton that facilitate passenger interaction and improve the digital experience. In particular, the incorporation of native payments has contributed to a substantial increase in participation and revenue.



  • Wildlife Trust’s Biodiversity Benchmark Award for the 14th year running, recognizing the continued commitment to biodiversity and nature.
  • Business Traveler Awards 2022
    • Heathrow ranked 2nd as Best Airport in the World
    • Best Airport in Europe
    • Best Airport for Tax-Free Shopping
  • FRONTIER Awards 2022: Airport of the Year.


  • Scottish Transport Awards 2022: Excellence in Technology and Innovation for Project CAELUS
  • Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) 2022. AGS Airports named sector leader: Glasgow second while Southampton and Aberdeen rated third and fifth respectively
  • British Safety Council 2022: First airport group in the UK to achieve Five Stars for all three of its airports
  • New Terminal One project, JFK Airport, New York, United States.