Talent and digitalization

In 2022, the digitalization process of Ferrovial’s people management was completed with the launch of Workday. In addition, different initiatives have been carried out aimed at attracting, developing and retaining the best diverse talent in key geographies.


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The company remains committed to the digitalization, efficiency and continuous improvement of processes that enable the identification, development and retention of talent.

In this context, in July 2022, Workday was launched, the new unified human resources system, which, among other benefits, allows the simplification, automation and standardization of the main processes and access to key information of professionals in real time and from any device, which will result in optimal and agile decisions in terms of people management.


The incorporation of the best talent in all areas of the organization is one of Ferrovial’s priorities. In this line, during 2022, new collaboration agreements have been renewed and signed with some of the most prestigious universities and business schools worldwide, which will allow access to the best talent. The company has also reinforced the employer brand image, emphasizing the benefits of joining a global company such as Ferrovial. In this regard, the 9,658 job offers registered received a total of 223,702 applications, of which 21.39% were filled by internal candidates.

During 2022, the performance and talent review model was consolidated and evolved, with the primary objective of strengthening meritocracy and skills development as key levers for growth within the organization. This model, based on objectives, competencies and critical capabilities for Ferrovial, covers more than 5,500 professionals. The key benefits of this process are the identification of the people with the greatest contribution and growth potential, individualized feedback and the definition of development plans that allow the staff to grow professionally. In total, 10,455 Ferrovial employees participate in some kind of performance and professional development evaluation process, 30.44% of the average workforce.

A culture based on merit and continuous development requires top-level training content. For this reason, during 2022, the Learning Center has evolved into a large catalog of content accessible from Workday for the entire workforce. Anyone can access more than 12,000 training courses in different areas such as business, technology, leadership, innovation, finance, health and safety, legal, etc., accessible from any device, which enables real-time learning and agile response to changing business challenges.

Complementing the digital offer, the Corporate University (SUMMA) has designed and launched in 2022 programs that accompany the growth and development of each professional in the key stages of their career. These include the new edition of the New Joiners program, aimed at new recruits; the program for new Managers, which focuses on understanding the functions of the new role and developing team management and leadership skills; and the Global Executive Program, aimed at the company’s leaders, in which they become aware of the environment and future trends in the industry and global context.

Also in 2022, Ferrovial signed an agreement with the European business school Institute for Management Development (IMD) to collaborate in the development of key people.

At the end of the year, Ferrovial professionals received more than 500,000 hours of training (in both online and onsite formats), which represented an investment of 9.05 million euros (264.2€/ employee).


One of the commitments acquired in the Horizon 24 Strategic Plan is to have an increasingly diverse workforce, generating an inclusive environment, where collective intelligence is enhanced to increase competitiveness.

Ferrovial continues to increase the incorporation of diverse profiles at all organizational levels. During 2022, the number of women in leadership positions increased from 21% to 23.4%, in line with the goal of having 30% of women in this group by the end of 2024. In addition, the company ensures compliance with equal pay for men and women, for which different actions have been developed to monitor possible deviations. In this regard, a new Human Resources management tool has been implemented to monitor compensation in real time in all business units and geographies with relevant activity. The global pay gap calculated as an average is 3.24%.

Furthermore, in 2022, significant achievements have been made in diversity and inclusion, including the following:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy: approved by Ferrovial’s Board of Directors, this policy sets the basis for action in this area for all professionals.
  • Renewal of the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the third consecutive year, which accredits the company’s good practices in this area.
  • Equality Plan: together with the most representative trade union federations in the sector, Ferrovial has signed the III Equality Plan for different Group companies. The four-year plan consists of 84 measures aimed at promoting equal opportunities between women and men.


Ferrovial periodically conducts opinion surveys in which employees can express their vision of the company. The surveys provide insight into the climate of the organization, helping to identify the aspects most valued by employees on key issues such as a sense of belonging, leadership, professional development, remuneration, reputation, work experience, loyalty and happiness.

The last survey, conducted in December 2022, achieved a participation rate of over 60% and an average satisfaction level of 7.4/10. Based on this data, specific actions will be carried out to encourage employee engagement and increase satisfaction levels.

In this regard, Ferrovial’s workforce has flexibility measures to facilitate work-life balance, as set out in its Flexibility and Work-Life Balance Policy (applicable in Spain). These include the following: flexible reduced working hours, flexible working hours, paid maternity leave extension before the date of birth, paid parental leave, sabbatical periods, leave of absence to care for family members, recoverable leave and vacation buyouts.

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